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Aqua ((みず) Mizu "Water") are a Type of monsters usually represented by beings that have power over water or ice, such as "Mobius the Frost Monarch". They may also represent aquatic or amphibious creatures that do not fall under the category of Fish or Sea Serpent, like sea-borne mammals and amphibians. In the same respect, most Aqua-Type monsters are WATER monsters, though Aqua-Type monsters for almost every other Attribute do exist. Aqua-Type effects are varied, but many of the best focus on hand control.

The "Frog" and "Penguin" archetypes fall into this Type. Other notable Aqua-Type monsters include: "Snowman Eater", "Cold Enchanter","Mobius the Frost Monarch", "Tribe-Infecting Virus", "Penguin Soldier", "Abyss Soldier", "Number 101: Silent Honor ARK", and "Number C101: Silent Honor DARK".

The monsters that belong to this Type also gain a boost from "Umi", "Power of Kaishin" and "Wetlands".

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