Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
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  • Use "Darkworld Shackles" to guarantee your opponent will take 4800 damage in battles with this card.
  • Use cards that reduce the opponent's monster's attack to 0, so your opponent will take 5000 damage.
  • Using Equips like Mage Power or United We Stand can yield huge amounts of damage. Because Pendulum monsters in the Pendulum zones are spells and you likely just pendulum summoned Odd-eyes, with mage power alone it will have 4000 ATK, 6000 Maximum. United We Stand working well with pendulum summons in general. With the effect of the Gazer magicians preventing responses on top of this, Odd-eyes will likely deal enough damage to end the game.
  • This helps set up plays for monsters that have effects when summoned, like Gemini or Gadgets.


  • The following Pendulum Monsters with 1500 ATK or less can be searched with this card:

{{#ask: Class 1::Official [[ATK::<1500]] Card type::Pendulum Monster |?Japanese name |?Level |?Attribute |?Type |?ATK |?DEF |limit=10}}

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