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Đây là danh sách bài thuộc TCG và Hàn Quốc đã được thay đổi so với artwork của phiên bản OCG/anime Nhật Bản.

Biểu tượng tôn giáo và một số tham khảo khác

Bạo lực, kinh tởm, máu me,.v.v..

  • "Abyss-sphere" - Hand of "Mermail Abysslinde" is redrawn so that it is not around her neck. Her facial expression is also changed to look less agonized. The oxygen bubbles coming out of her mouth are removed to make the artwork not look like she is drowning.
  • "Aquamirror Cycle" - The facial expression of "Gishki Emilia" is altered to make the artwork look like she is not in pain.
  • "Armed Samurai - Ben Kei" - Arrows stuck on the body of "Ben Kei" are removed
  • "Attention!" - "Goblin Calligrapher" was within the explosion; it was redrawn above the explosion to make it look less violent.
  • "Axe of Despair" - Skull-like face on the axe removed
  • "Battle-Scarred" - Blood coming out of the head of "Marauding Captain" is replaced with green liquid
  • "Brain Jacker" - Stitches going across the head and neck of "Brain Jacker" are removed.
  • "Butterflyoke" - Hand in pond removed to remove any references to drowning.
  • "Corroding Shark" - Gore and blood around the body of "Corroding Shark" is removed.
  • "Counterforce" - Eyes on the angelic figure are altered to remove the implication that the angelic figure was killed
  • "Creeping Darkness" - Sleeves rips on the shirt of "Gishki Noelia" are removed to make the card look less violent.
  • "Dark Ruler Ha Des" - Blood colored liquid recolored green.
  • "Darksea Float" - Skin of dead man hanging on float ring is repainted to flesh tone, probably because the image of a dead man at sea was too graphic.
  • "Darksea Rescue" - Skin of dead men on raft is repainted to flesh tone, presumably for the same reasons as "Darksea Float"
  • "Destiny Board" - Letter D replaced with letter F so that the message spells out F-I-N-A-L, instead of D-E-A-T-H
  • "Destruct Potion" - Blue mist coming out of the mouth of "Dark King of the Abyss" is removed (possibly because it made the artwork look like "Revived King Ha Des" is draining out the life force of "Dark King", not just his power)
  • "Earthquake" - Goblins' shadows recolored black because they looked too much like blood.
  • "Gimmick Puppet Dreary Doll" - Coffin replaced with a present box, also blood on head and clothes are removed.
  • "Heat Wave" - Chased dinosaur's head and tail are covered in flesh to make the artwork less graphic.
  • "Invisible Wire" - Complete redrawn to avoid any references to violence
  • "Mist Valley Shaman" - Head cloth on "Mist Valley Shaman" removed. Her facial expression is also changed to make the artwork look like she is meditating instead of being possessed.
  • "Maji-Gire Panda" - Mother and child panda removed from background (due to it being a reference to domestic violence). Panda head on top of closet is removed to as it could be mistaken for an animal trophy
  • "Nightmare Wheel" - Man is replaced with goblin to remove any reference to human torture.
  • "Nomadic Force" - Men in back are given irises and pupils to make them look less like zombies.
  • "Overworked" - Fire recolored purple to look less realistic. The skull of "Kozaky" is obscured to make it less noticeable and to make the card look less violent.
  • "Poison Fangs" - Blood colored hue on teeth recolored green and jaw bones tinted beige.
  • "Power Break" - "Axe of Despair" is modified to show its international artwork.
  • "Remote Revenge" - "Thunder Dragon" and explosion removed to make the card less violent. Also zoom-in of the hand holding remote.
  • "Rigorous Reaver" - Blood on scythe is removed.
  • "Share the Pain" - Blood gushing out of the warriors' wounds (shown in negative color) has been removed.
  • "Sorcerer of the Doomed" - Bloody tears removed from any faces that had it.
  • "Spirit Message "A": Letter T is replaced with A so that the message spells out F-I-N-A-L, instead of D-E-A-T-H. Name changed from Death Message "T" to Spirit Message "A" to match
  • "Spirit Message "I": Letter E is replaced with I so that the message spells out F-I-N-A-L, instead of D-E-A-T-H. Name changed from Death Message "E" to Spirit Message "I" to match
  • "Spirit Message "N": Letter A is replaced with N so that the message spells out F-I-N-A-L, instead of D-E-A-T-H. Name changed from Death Message "A" to Spirit Message "N" to match
  • "Spirit Message "L": Letter H is replaced with L so that the message spells out F-I-N-A-L, instead of D-E-A-T-H. Name changed from Death Message "H" to Spirit Message "L" to match
  • "Stim-Pack" - Blood colored liquid replaced with green liquid.
  • "Stygian Dirge" - Smoke coming out of woman's mouth is removed to remove the implication that the smoke being in the artwork is removing the woman's life force.
  • "Super Rejuvenation" - Blood on "Cave Dragon's" leg is recolored blue.
  • "Trial and Tribulation" - Noelia's mournful face is modified to make the artwork less dark.
  • "Trial of Nightmare" - Blood removed and glow is added to eyes, also after a short printing error, name was changed from "Trial of Hell".
  • "Vampire Grace" - Red liquid in glass goblet recolored to avoid referencing blood or even wine.
  • "Yaiba Robo" - Red Kanji-like symbol on monster changed to black due to its strong reference to blood.

Súng ống và Vũ khí

Nội dung khiêu dâm, khỏa thân,v.v..

Vẽ lại/Hình ảnh khác

  • "Dian Keto the Cure Master" - Alternate art is used. Single breast is covered up with another layer of clothing. Ankh is replaced with orb of light to avoid religious connotation. Also symbol in background is removed
  • "Dramatic Rescue" - Girl being rescued is tied to a tree instead of having a hand in guillotine. Girl's outfit is also altered to be less revealing
  • "Fiend Comedian" - Art replaced with less horrific one
  • "Final Flame" - Art replaced with less horrific one
  • "Last Day of Witch" - Art changed from a scene representing the Salem witch hunts to a comical looking witch with a red crossed-out sign
  • "Mad Lobster" - Reprint of artwork redrew the monster's armor to make it less realistic. Background was also redrawn.
  • "Mystic Tomato" - Redrawn to not resemble a jack-o'-lantern.
  • "Offerings to the Doomed" - Church altar with cross replaced with a treasure room
  • "Otohime" - "Otohime" is redrawn in a different pose. Her outfit is also slightly altered to be less revealing
  • "Parasite Paracide" - Artwork showing an insect coming out of a knight's face is replaced with artwork showing an insect to make the card less graphic
  • "Photon Lead" - In addition to the halo and wings of "Shining Angel" being removed, the background was also completely redrawn.
  • "Senju of the Thousand Hands" - Redrawn to look less like an real-life religious (Hindu) idol.
  • "Soul of the Pure" - The bloody angel cutting itself with a knife is replaced with a Fairy holding a water droplet
  • "Taunt" - Art changed from two human bullies to two aliens; one of them appears in the artwork of "Back to Square One".
  • "The Forgiving Maiden" - Art changed because original art closely resembled a nun
  • "Tragedy" - Art changed from a guillotine to a girl avoiding a shady man
  • "Ultimate Offering" - Art changed from what looks like a blood offering to a monster coming out and being created from another monster.
  • "Wattcancel" - Art changed from an electrified Ojama Yellow to a big "X" with a lightning bolt going into it in order to make the card look less violent

Phiên dịch hoặc xóa bỏ văn bản

Các vấn đề khác

  • "Archfiend Heiress" - Energy globe around left hand removed as it made it looks like the monster was making an obscene gesture.
  • "Baby Tiragon" - Horns removed (to perhaps make it look less vicious rather than abscond religious connotations)
  • "Card Rotator" - "Jerry Beans Man" is corrected as a Normal Monster.
  • "Exchange" - Cards in artwork are changed to different cards.
  • "Foolish Return" - Coffin where the hand was coming out of is removed. The hand instead comes out of the floor.
  • "Great Long Nose" - Nose made more slender
  • "Homunculus the Alchemic Being" - Chains and shackles of "Homunculus the Alchemic Being" are removed to remove references to slavery. Saliva dripping out of mouth of "Homunculus" and saliva puddle are removed to remove the implication that "Homunculus" is suffering starvation.
  • "Injection Fairy Lily" - Red crosses in background and on "Injection Fairy Lily"'s hat are replaced with hearts, to remove reference to the Red Cross. The Japanese version was edited in later releases as well. Also, in the English anime, her syringe is also changed to a rocket
  • "Jewels of the Valiant" - Crack in the jewel of "Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth" is removed, "Constellar Sombre" is shown holding the sword up, and part of the red spark is removed.
  • "Legendary Fiend" - Artwork slightly zoomed out.
  • "Lunar Queen Elzaim" - Dress colour changed
  • "Numinous Healer" – In the latest OCG reprint, this card's artwork has its Red Cross symbols removed, and replaced with hearts, due to the political differences in European countries.
  • "Oh Tokenbaum! - Sheep eaten by goblins are replaced with Fabergé eggs.
  • "Psychic Commander" - Right hand is changed from a flat hand to a pointing finger, to avoid references to Nazism.
  • "Release, Reverse, Burst" - Horns of "Baby Tiragon" are removed.
  • "Sebek's Blessing" - Amulet around Sebek's neck recolored. When Structure Deck 9: Dinosaur's Rage was released internationally, the OCG artwork of this card was used.
  • "Spy-C-Spy" - Cigar in man's mouth is removed and the man's mustache is extended to make it look like the man is rubbing his mustache. One wine bottle is recolored to look like a bottle of juice while the other bottle is replaced with a plate of food.
  • "Succubus Knight" - Jewel on forehead is removed.
  • "The Six Samurai - Kamon" - Stick within "Kamon"'s mouth removed due to it being a possible reference to smoking.
  • "Token Sundae" - Mugs being held by goblins are removed(probably because it looked like the goblins are enjoying some kind of beer). Sheep held by goblins are replaced with Fabergé eggs.
  • "Weed Out" - Red Cross on the hat of "Injection Fairy Lily" is replaced with a heart possibly due to the same reason for the edit on "Injection Fairy Lily".

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