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A Limit Over Accel Synchro Summon is a type of Accel Synchro Summon in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. It is the strongest known form of Synchro Summon, and is the only way to Summon a Limit Over Accel Synchro Monster.

To perform such a Summon, the user must be in a state of Over Top Clear Mind, and according to anime lore, it requires a Tuner Synchro Monster and at least two non-Tuner Synchro Monsters to be used as Synchro Material Monsters. This Summon uniquely depicts the Tuner monster transforming into gold Synchro rings rather than the standard green.

Yusei Fudo is the only person to have performed this Summon. He first learned about the existence of a type of Synchro Summon stronger than Accel Synchro when he saw Bruno use three Synchro Monsters to perform a Delta Accel Synchro Summon (instead of the usual two for an Accel Synchro Summon).[1] Later, in his Duel against Z-one, Yusei discovered how to exceed even Bruno's limits, and used a total of five Synchro Monsters (one Tuner and four non-Tuners) to Limit Over Accel Synchro Summon "Shooting Quasar Dragon".[2]


In the anime, "Life Stream Dragon" has an effect that can change the Level of other Synchro Monsters, which Yusei used to reduce the Level of "Red Dragon Archfiend", "Black-Winged Dragon", "Black Rose Dragon" and "Ancient Fairy Dragon" to 1.


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