Predator Counter

Predator Counter 2
Predator Counters trong anime.

Tiếng Nhật (kanji và furigana)


Nhật (furigana)


Nhật (kanji)



Hoshoku Kauntā

Tiếng Anh

Predator Counter

Predator Counter (()(しょく)カウンター Hoshoku Kauntā) is a type of counter associated with the "Predaplant" archetype, whose strategy is reliant upon distributing these counters among the opponent's monsters. The majority of the time, if a monster with a Predator Counter is Level 2 or higher, its Level becomes 1.

However, to apply this Level changing effect, the controller must put into play a monster with an effect that specifically mentions it, as it is not an inherent condition for Predator Counters. Once this is done, however, any more monsters who gain Predator Counters will also have their Levels lowered while that monster remains face-up on the field. Also, if the monster leaves the field, the Levels of monsters on the field with Predator Counters at the time still remain lowered.

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