[[Breakers of Shadow|]]
Số Set Tên Anh Tên Nhật Độ hiếm Thể loại
BOSH-JP001 Tuning Magician 調(ちょう)(りつ)()(じゅつ)() Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Tuner monster
BOSH-JP002 Timebreaker Magician (こっ)(けん)()(じゅつ)() Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP003 Performapal Monkeyboard Common Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP004 Performapal Guitartle Common Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP005 Performapal Bit Bite Turtle Common Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP006 Performapal Rain Goat Common Effect Monster
BOSH-JP007 Performapal Trump Girl Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP008 Superheavy Samurai Magnet Common Effect Monster
BOSH-JP009 Superheavy Samurai Prepped Defense Common Effect Monster
BOSH-JP010 Superheavy Samurai General Jade Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP011 Superheavy Samurai General Coral Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP012 Solo the Melodious Songstress (げん)(そう)(うた)(ひめ)ソロ Common Effect Monster
BOSH-JP013 Score the Melodious Diva (げん)(そう)(おと)()スコア Common Effect Monster
BOSH-JP014 Blackwing - Harmattan the Dust Common Effect Monster
BOSH-JP015 Twilight Ninja Shingetsu Common Effect Monster
BOSH-JP016 Twilight Ninja Nichirin, the Chunin Common Effect Monster
BOSH-JP017 Twilight Ninja Getsuga, the Shogun Rare Effect Monster
BOSH-JP018 Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
BOSH-JP019 Buster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman Rare Effect Tuner monster
BOSH-JP020 Dragon Buster Destruction Sword Common Effect Tuner monster
BOSH-JP021 Wizard Buster Destruction Sword Common Effect Monster
BOSH-JP022 Robot Buster Destruction Sword Common Effect Monster
BOSH-JP023 Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer (りゅう)(けん)()マスター(ペンデュラム) Super Rare
Secret Rare
Normal Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP024 Dinomist Stegosaur Common Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP025 Dinomist Plesios Common Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP026 Dinomist Pteran Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP027 Dinomist Brachion Common Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP028 Dinomist Ceratops Common Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP029 Dinomist Rex Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP030 Majespecter Toad - Ogama Common Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP031 Shiranui Spectralsword Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Tuner monster
BOSH-JP032 Shiranui Smith Common Effect Monster
BOSH-JP033 Shiranui Spiritmaster Common Effect Monster
BOSH-JP034 Shiranui Samurai Common Effect Monster
BOSH-JP035 Dark Doriado Common Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP036 Guiding Ariadne (かい)(ほう)のアリアドネ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP037 Al-Lumi'raj Common Effect Tuner monster
BOSH-JP038 Toon Buster Blader Rare Toon monster
BOSH-JP039 Deskbot 007 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP040 Deskbot 008 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP041 Engraver of the Mark Normal Rare Effect Monster
BOSH-JP042 Zany Zebra ヨコシマウマ Normal Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
BOSH-JP043 Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Ritual Monster
BOSH-JP044 Goyo Emperor Rare Effect Fusion Monster
BOSH-JP045 Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
BOSH-JP046 Dinoster Power, the Mighty Dracoslayer Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
BOSH-JP047 Enlightenment Paladin 覚醒の魔導剣士(エンライトメント・パラディン) Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Holographic Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
BOSH-JP048 Superheavy Samurai Beast Kyubi Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
BOSH-JP049 Hi-Speedroid Hagoita Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
BOSH-JP050 Goyo Defender Rare Effect Synchro Monster
BOSH-JP051 Goyo King Rare Effect Synchro Monster
BOSH-JP052 Buster Dragon ()(かい)(ばん)(りゅう)-バスター・ドラゴン Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
BOSH-JP053 Shiranui Samuraisaga Rare Effect Synchro Monster
BOSH-JP054 Shiranui Shogunsaga Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
BOSH-JP055 Aegaion the Sea Castrum Rare Effect Xyz Monster
BOSH-JP056 Performance Hurricane Common Normal Spell Card
BOSH-JP057 Pendulum Storm ペンデュラム・ストーム Rare Normal Spell Card
BOSH-JP058 Hi-Speed Re-Level Common Normal Spell Card
BOSH-JP059 Destruction Swordsman Fusion Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
BOSH-JP060 Karma of the Destruction Swordsman Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BOSH-JP061 Draco Face-Off Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BOSH-JP062 Dinomic Powerload Common Field Spell Card
BOSH-JP063 Dinomist Charge Rare Continuous Spell Card
BOSH-JP064 Majespecter Sonics Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BOSH-JP065 Shiranui Style Synthesis Common Field Spell Card
BOSH-JP066 Odd-Eyes Advent Rare Ritual Spell Card
BOSH-JP067 Twin Twisters ツインツイスター Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
BOSH-JP068 Mistaken Accusation Normal Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
BOSH-JP069 Dragon's Bind Common Continuous Trap Card
BOSH-JP070 Follow Wing Common Continuous Trap Card
BOSH-JP071 Reject Reborn リジェクト・リボーン Common Normal Trap Card
BOSH-JP072 Destruction Sword Flash‎‎ Common Normal Trap Card
BOSH-JP073 Dinomist Rush Common Normal Trap Card
BOSH-JP074 Majespecter Supercell Common Continuous Trap Card
BOSH-JP075 Shiranui Style Swallow's Slash Common Normal Trap Card
BOSH-JP076 Quaking Mirror Force ()(じん)のバリア -ダスト・フォース- Super Rare
Secret Rare
Normal Trap Card
BOSH-JP077 Pendulum Reborn ペンデュラム・リボーン Rare Normal Trap Card
BOSH-JP078 Forbidden Apocrypha Common Normal Trap Card
BOSH-JP079 Solemn Strike Super Rare
Secret Rare
Counter Trap Card
BOSH-JP080 Bad Luck Blast Normal Rare Normal Trap Card

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