Số Bài Tên Anh Tên Nhật Độ hiếm Thể loại
CIBR-JP001 Defect Compiler Common
CIBR-JP002 Capacitor Stalker Common
CIBR-JP003 Link Infra-Flier Rare
CIBR-JP004 Trickstar Narkissus Common
CIBR-JP005 Dark Angel Rare
CIBR-JP006 Gouki Headbatt Common
CIBR-JP007 Gateway Dragon Super Rare
Secret Rare
CIBR-JP008 Sniffer Dragon Common
CIBR-JP009 Anesthrokket Dragon Common
CIBR-JP010 Autorokket Dragon Common
CIBR-JP011 Magnarokket Dragon Common
CIBR-JP012 Altergeist Marionetter Super Rare
Secret Rare
CIBR-JP013 Altergeist Silquitous Common
CIBR-JP014 Altergeist Meluseek Rare
CIBR-JP015 Altergeist Kunquery Common
CIBR-JP016 Krawler Spine Common
CIBR-JP017 Krawler Axon Common
CIBR-JP018 Krawler Glial Common
CIBR-JP019 Krawler Receptor Common
CIBR-JP020 Krawler Ranvier Common
CIBR-JP021 Krawler Dendrite Common
CIBR-JP022 World Legacy - "World Armor" Rare
CIBR-JP023 Metaphys Ragnarok Super Rare
Secret Rare
CIBR-JP024 Metaphys Daedalus Rare
CIBR-JP025 Metaphys Nephthys Common
CIBR-JP026 Metaphys Tyrant Dragon Common
CIBR-JP027 Metaphys Executor Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
CIBR-JP028 Mermail Abyssnerei Common
CIBR-JP029 Fire King Avatar Arvata Common
CIBR-JP030 Mecha Phantom Beast Raiten Rare
CIBR-JP031 The Accumulator Common
CIBR-JP032 Soldier Dragons Common
CIBR-JP033 Duck Dummy Common
CIBR-JP034 Leng Ling Common
CIBR-JP035 Self-Destruct Ant Common
CIBR-JP036 Amano-Iwato Common
CIBR-JP037 Fantastic Striborg Rare
CIBR-JP038 Destrudo the Lost Dragon's Frisson Rare
CIBR-JP039 Elemental Grace Doriado Super Rare
Secret Rare
CIBR-JP040 Nimble Beaver Normal Rare
CIBR-JP041 Muscle Medic Normal Rare
CIBR-JP042 Borreload Dragon Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Holographic Rare
CIBR-JP043 Link Bumper Super Rare
Secret Rare
CIBR-JP044 Trickstar Black Catbat Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
CIBR-JP045 Gouki Thunder Ogre Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
CIBR-JP046 Twin Triangle Dragon Super Rare
Secret Rare
CIBR-JP047 Altergeist Primebanshee Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
CIBR-JP048 X-Krawler Synapses Rare
CIBR-JP049 X-Krawler Neurogos Rare
CIBR-JP050 X-Krawler Qualiark Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
CIBR-JP051 Akashic Magician Super Rare
Secret Rare
CIBR-JP052 Mistar Boy Rare
CIBR-JP053 Security Block Common
CIBR-JP054 Dragonoid Generator Rare
CIBR-JP055 Squib Draw Rare
CIBR-JP056 Quick Launch Super Rare
Secret Rare
CIBR-JP057 World Legacy in Shadow Common
CIBR-JP058 World Legacy Clash Common
CIBR-JP059 Metaphys Factor Common
CIBR-JP060 Asymmetaphys Common
CIBR-JP061 One-Time Passcode Rare
CIBR-JP062 Arrivalrivals Common
CIBR-JP063 Overdone Burial Super Rare
Secret Rare
CIBR-JP064 Temple of the Mind's Eye Common
CIBR-JP065 Backup Squad Rare
CIBR-JP066 Burning Bamboo Sword Normal Rare
CIBR-JP067 Cyberse Beacon Rare
CIBR-JP068 Link Restart Common
CIBR-JP069 Remote Rebirth Common
CIBR-JP070 Altergeist Camouflage Common
CIBR-JP071 Altergeist Protocol Common
CIBR-JP072 Personal Spoofing Common
CIBR-JP073 World Legacy Puppet Common
CIBR-JP074 World Legacy Trap Globe Common
CIBR-JP075 Metaphys Dimension Common
CIBR-JP076 Metaverse Rare
CIBR-JP077 Evenly Matched Super Rare
Secret Rare
CIBR-JP078 Fuse Line Common
CIBR-JP079 Broken Line Rare
CIBR-JP080 Ojama Duo Normal Rare

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