Duelist Pack: Battle City
Worldwide English
Số Set Tên Anh Độ hiếm Thể loại
DPBC-EN001 The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DPBC-EN002 Juragedo Super Rare Effect Monster
DPBC-EN003 Legion the Fiend Jester Super Rare Effect Monster
DPBC-EN004 Anti-Magic Arrows Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DPBC-EN005 Multiple Destruction Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
DPBC-EN006 Black Luster Soldier Super Rare Ritual Monster
DPBC-EN007 Black Luster Ritual Common Ritual Spell Card
DPBC-EN008 Dark Magician Super Rare Normal Monster
DPBC-EN009 Dark Magician Girl Super Rare Effect Monster
DPBC-EN010 Buster Blader Rare Effect Monster
DPBC-EN011 Archfiend of Gilfer Common Effect Monster
DPBC-EN012 Jack's Knight Common Normal Monster
DPBC-EN013 Queen's Knight Common Normal Monster
DPBC-EN014 King's Knight Common Effect Monster
DPBC-EN015 Kuriboh Common Effect Monster
DPBC-EN016 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ultra Rare Normal Monster
DPBC-EN017 Lord of D. Common Effect Monster
DPBC-EN018 The Flute of Summoning Dragon Common Normal Spell Card
DPBC-EN019 Enemy Controller Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DPBC-EN020 Crush Card Virus Rare Normal Trap Card
DPBC-EN021 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Super Rare Normal Monster
DPBC-EN022 Gearfried the Iron Knight Common Effect Monster
DPBC-EN023 Rocket Warrior Common Effect Monster
DPBC-EN024 Time Wizard Common Effect Monster
DPBC-EN025 Foolish Burial Rare Normal Spell Card
DPBC-EN026 Insect Queen Common Effect Monster
DPBC-EN027 Jinzo Rare Effect Monster
DPBC-EN028 The Legendary Fisherman Common Effect Monster
DPBC-EN029 Dragged Down into the Grave Common Normal Spell Card
DPBC-EN030 Embodiment of Apophis Rare Continuous Trap Card
DPBC-EN031 The Masked Beast Rare Ritual Monster
DPBC-EN032 Curse of the Masked Beast Common Ritual Spell Card
DPBC-EN033 Dark Necrofear Rare Effect Monster
DPBC-EN034 Lava Golem Rare Effect Monster
DPBC-EN035 Magical Stone Excavation Common Normal Spell Card
DPBC-EN036 Malevolent Catastrophe Common Normal Trap Card
DPBC-EN037 Harpie Lady Common Normal Monster
DPBC-EN038 Harpie Lady Sisters Common Effect Monster
DPBC-EN039 Elegant Egotist Common Normal Spell Card
DPBC-EN040 Hysteric Party Common Continuous Trap Card
DPBC-EN041 Barrel Dragon Rare Effect Monster
DPBC-EN042 Blast Sphere Common Effect Monster
DPBC-EN043 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Common Toon monster
DPBC-EN044 Toon Dark Magician Girl Common Toon monster
DPBC-EN045 Toon Gemini Elf Common Toon monster
DPBC-EN046 Toon World Common Continuous Spell Card
DPBC-EN047 Toon Table of Contents Rare Normal Spell Card

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