[[Primal Origin|]]
Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
PRIO-KR001 ZS - Vanish Sage Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR002 Galaxy Mirror Sage Common Flip monster
PRIO-KR003 Galaxy Tyranno Rare Effect Monster
PRIO-KR004 Heliosphere Dragon Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR005 Mermaid Shark Rare Effect Monster
PRIO-KR006 Gazer Shark Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR007 Blizzard Thunderbird Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR008 Battlin' Boxer Big Bandage Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR009 Battlin' Boxer Veil Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR010 Umbral Horror Ghost Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR011 Artifact Moralltach Rare Effect Monster
PRIO-KR012 Artifact Beagalltach Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR013 Artifact Failnaught Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR014 Artifact Aegis Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR015 Artifact Achilleshield Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR016 Artifact Labrys Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR017 Artifact Caduceus Super Rare Effect Monster
PRIO-KR018 Sylvan Cherubsprout Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR019 Sylvan Snapdrassinagon Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR020 Sylvan Lotuswain Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR021 Sylvan Sagequoia Rare Effect Monster
PRIO-KR022 Ghostrick Doll Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR023 Ghostrick Warwolf Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR024 Bujin Hirume Super Rare Effect Monster
PRIO-KR025 Traptrix Dionaea Rare Effect Monster
PRIO-KR026 Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion Rare Tuner monster
PRIO-KR027 Hazy Flame Hydra Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR028 Madolche Anjelly Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR029 Pilica, Descendant of Gusto Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR030 Gladiator Beast Augustus Rare Effect Monster
PRIO-KR031 Lucent, Netherlord of Dark World Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR032 Ancient Gear Box 古代の機械箱(アンティーク・ギアボックス) Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR033 Dawn Knight Rare Effect Monster
PRIO-KR034 Majesty's Fiend Rare Effect Monster
PRIO-KR035 Thestalos the Mega Monarch Rare Effect Monster
PRIO-KR036 Beautunaful Princess Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR037 Nopenguin Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR038 Condemned Maiden Normal Rare Effect Monster
PRIO-KR039 Starduston Normal Rare Effect Monster
PRIO-KR040 Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon No.(ナンバーズ)62 銀河眼の光子竜皇(ギャラクシーアイズ・プライム・フォトン・ドラゴン) Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Holographic Rare
Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR041 Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR042 Number 103: Ragnazero Rare Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR043 Number C103: Ragnafinity Super Rare Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR044 Number C102: Archfiend Seraph Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR045 Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk Rare Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR046 Number C80: Requiem in Berserk Super Rare Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR047 Number 43: Manipulator of Souls Common Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR048 Number C43: High Manipulator of Chaos Rare Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR049 Artifact Durendal Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR050 Orea, the Sylvan High Arbiter Super Rare Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR051 Ghostrick Socuteboss Common Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR052 Bujinki Amaterasu Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR053 Phantom Fortress Enterblathnir Rare Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR054 Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight Super Rare Xyz Monster
PRIO-KR055 Phonon Pulse Dragon Super Rare Tuner Synchro Monster
PRIO-KR056 Reverse Breaker Common Equip Spell Card
PRIO-KR057 Galactic Charity Common Normal Spell Card
PRIO-KR058 Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Normal Spell Card
PRIO-KR059 Don Thousand's Throne Rare Continuous Spell Card
PRIO-KR060 Artifact Ignition Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
PRIO-KR061 Artifacts Unleashed Common Quick-Play Spell Card
PRIO-KR062 Sylvan Charity Common Normal Spell Card
PRIO-KR063 Ghostrick Parade Common Field Spell Card
PRIO-KR064 Bujintervention Common Normal Spell Card
PRIO-KR065 Diamond Core of Koa'ki Meiru Common Normal Spell Card
PRIO-KR066 Scrap Factory Common Field Spell Card
PRIO-KR067 Forbidden Scripture Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
PRIO-KR068 Jackpot 7 Normal Rare Normal Spell Card
PRIO-KR069 Double Dragon Descent Common Normal Trap Card
PRIO-KR070 Tachyon Chaos Hole Common Normal Trap Card
PRIO-KR071 Last Counter Common Counter Trap Card
PRIO-KR072 Artifact Sanctum アーティファクトの(しん)() Rare Normal Trap Card
PRIO-KR073 Sylvan Waterslide Common Continuous Trap Card
PRIO-KR074 Ghostrick Night Common Continuous Trap Card
PRIO-KR075 Bujincident Common Normal Trap Card
PRIO-KR076 The Monarchs Erupt Common Continuous Trap Card
PRIO-KR077 Evo-Singularity Common Normal Trap Card
PRIO-KR078 Xyz Universe Rare Normal Trap Card
PRIO-KR079 And the Band Played On Common Continuous Trap Card
PRIO-KR080 Tri-and-Guess Normal Rare Normal Trap Card
PRIO-KR081 Guerilla Kite Common Tuner monster
PRIO-KR082 Wattsychic Fighter Common Effect Monster
PRIO-KR083 Elder God Noden Rare Fusion Monster
PRIO-KR084 Earthshattering Event Common Continuous Spell Card
PRIO-KR085 Ghostrick Break Rare Trap Card

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