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Set Card Lists:Soul of the Duelist (TCG-EN)

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Soul of the Duelist
(TCG - English)
Set # Name Rarity Card # Category
SOD-EN001 Charcoal Inpachi Rare/Ultimate Rare 13179332 Normal Monster
SOD-EN002 Neo Aqua Madoor Common 49563947 Normal Monster
SOD-EN003 Skull Dog Marron Common 86652646 Normal Monster
SOD-EN004 Goblin Calligrapher Common 12057781 Normal Monster
SOD-EN005 Ultimate Insect LV1 Rare/Ultimate Rare 49441499 Effect Monster
SOD-EN006 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4 Rare/Ultimate Rare 75830094 Effect Monster
SOD-EN007 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 11224103 Effect Monster
SOD-EN008 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 48229808 Effect Monster
SOD-EN009 Dark Mimic LV1 Common 74713516 Effect Monster
SOD-EN010 Dark Mimic LV3 Rare/Ultimate Rare 01102515 Effect Monster
SOD-EN011 Mystic Swordsman LV2 Rare/Ultimate Rare 47507260 Effect Monster
SOD-EN012 Mystic Swordsman LV4 Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 74591968 Effect Monster
SOD-EN013 Armed Dragon LV3 Common 00980973 Effect Monster
SOD-EN014 Armed Dragon LV5 Rare/Ultimate Rare 46384672 Effect Monster
SOD-EN015 Armed Dragon LV7 Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 73879377 Effect Monster
SOD-EN016 Horus' Servant Common 09264485 Effect Monster
SOD-EN017 Red-Eyes B. Chick Common 36262024 Effect Monster
SOD-EN018 Malice Doll of Demise Common 72657739 Effect Monster
SOD-EN019 Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke Rare/Ultimate Rare 04041838 Effect Monster
SOD-EN020 Rafflesia Seduction Rare/Ultimate Rare 31440542 Effect Monster
SOD-EN021 Ultimate Baseball Kid Common 67934141 Effect Monster
SOD-EN022 Mobius the Frost Monarch Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 04929256 Effect Monster
SOD-EN023 Element Dragon Common 30314994 Effect Monster
SOD-EN024 Element Soldier Common 66712593 Effect Monster
SOD-EN025 Howling Insect Common 93107608 Effect Monster
SOD-EN026 Masked Dragon Common 39191307 Effect Monster
SOD-EN027 Mind on Air Rare/Ultimate Rare 66690511 Effect Monster
SOD-EN028 Unshaven Angler Common 92084010 Effect Monster
SOD-EN029 The Trojan Horse Common 38479725 Effect Monster
SOD-EN030 Nobleman-Eater Bug Common 65878864 Effect Monster
SOD-EN031 Enraged Muka Muka Common 91862578 Effect Monster
SOD-EN032 Hade-Hane Common 28357177 Effect Monster
SOD-EN033 Penumbral Soldier Lady Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 64751286 Effect Monster
SOD-EN034 Ojama King Rare/Ultimate Rare 90140980 Fusion Monster
SOD-EN035 Master of Oz Rare/Ultimate Rare 27134689 Fusion Monster
SOD-EN036 Sanwitch Common 53539634 Fusion Monster
SOD-EN037 Dark Factory of Mass Production Common 90928333 Normal Spell Card
SOD-EN038 Hammer Shot Rare/Ultimate Rare 26412047 Normal Spell Card
SOD-EN039 Mind Wipe Common 52817046 Quick-Play Spell Card
SOD-EN040 Abyssal Designator Common 89801755 Normal Spell Card
SOD-EN041 Level Up! Common 25290459 Normal Spell Card
SOD-EN042 Inferno Fire Blast Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 52684508 Normal Spell Card
SOD-EN043 Ectoplasmer Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 97342942 Continuous Spell Card
SOD-EN044 The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension Common 88089103 Normal Spell Card
SOD-EN045 Two-Man Cell Battle Common 25578802 Continuous Spell Card
SOD-EN046 Big Wave Small Wave Common 51562916 Normal Spell Card
SOD-EN047 Fusion Weapon Common 27967615 Equip Spell Card
SOD-EN048 Ritual Weapon Common 54351224 Equip Spell Card
SOD-EN049 Taunt Common 90740329 Normal Trap Card
SOD-EN050 Absolute End Common 27744077 Normal Trap Card
SOD-EN051 Spirit Barrier Rare/Ultimate Rare 53239672 Continuous Trap Card
SOD-EN052 Ninjitsu Art of Decoy Common 89628781 Continuous Trap Card
SOD-EN053 Enervating Mist Rare/Ultimate Rare 26022485 Continuous Trap Card
SOD-EN054 Heavy Slump Common 52417194 Normal Trap Card
SOD-EN055 Greed Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 89405199 Continuous Trap Card
SOD-EN056 Mind Crush Common 15800838 Normal Trap Card
SOD-EN057 Null and Void Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 80863132 Normal Trap Card
SOD-EN058 Gorgon's Eye Common 52648457 Normal Trap Card
SOD-EN059 Cemetery Bomb Common 51394546 Normal Trap Card
SOD-EN060 Hallowed Life Barrier Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 88789641 Normal Trap Card

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