Starter Deck: Yuya
Worldwide English
Set number English name Rarity Category
YS16-EN001 Performapal Sleight Hand Magician Ultra Rare Effect Monster
YS16-EN002 Performapal King Bear Ultra Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
YS16-EN003 Performapal Swincobra Effect Pendulum Monster
YS16-EN004 Performapal Momoncarpet Effect Pendulum Monster
YS16-EN005 Performapal Parrotrio Effect Pendulum Monster
YS16-EN006 Performapal Longphone Bull Effect Monster
YS16-EN007 Performapal Teeter Totter Hopper Effect Monster
YS16-EN008 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Effect Pendulum Monster
YS16-EN009 Stargazer Magician Effect Pendulum Monster
YS16-EN010 Timegazer Magician Effect Pendulum Monster
YS16-EN011 Performapal Drummerilla Effect Monster
YS16-EN012 Performapal Secondonkey Effect Monster
YS16-EN013 Performapal Hip Hippo Effect Monster
YS16-EN014 Foucault's Cannon Normal Pendulum Monster
YS16-EN015 Archfiend Eccentrick Effect Pendulum Monster
YS16-EN016 Gene-Warped Warwolf Normal Monster
YS16-EN017 Beast King Barbaros Effect Monster
YS16-EN018 Pitch-Black Warwolf Effect Monster
YS16-EN019 Dragon Dowser Effect Monster
YS16-EN020 Giant Rat Effect Monster
YS16-EN021 Performapal Dramatic Theater Field Spell Card
YS16-EN022 Smile World Normal Spell Card
YS16-EN023 Hippo Carnival Quick-Play Spell Card
YS16-EN024 Draw Muscle Normal Spell Card
YS16-EN025 Mystical Space Typhoon Quick-Play Spell Card
YS16-EN026 Lightning Vortex Normal Spell Card
YS16-EN027 Book of Moon Quick-Play Spell Card
YS16-EN028 Lucky Iron Axe Equip Spell Card
YS16-EN029 Burden of the Mighty Continuous Spell Card
YS16-EN030 Back-Up Rider Quick-Play Spell Card
YS16-EN031 Performapal Show Down Normal Trap Card
YS16-EN032 Performapal Pinch Helper Continuous Trap Card
YS16-EN033 Wall of Disruption Normal Trap Card
YS16-EN034 Ceasefire Normal Trap Card
YS16-EN035 Raigeki Break Normal Trap Card
YS16-EN036 Draining Shield Normal Trap Card
YS16-EN037 Threatening Roar Normal Trap Card
YS16-EN038 Dark Bribe Counter Trap Card
YS16-EN039 Chaos Burst Normal Trap Card
YS16-EN040 Pendulum Reborn Normal Trap Card

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