(OCG - Japanese)
Tên Anh Tên Nhật Độ hiếm Số series Thể loại
Acid Crawler アシッドクロウラー Common 77568553 Normal Monster
Anti Raigeki ()(らい)(しん) Rare 42364257 Normal Trap Card
Armored Rat (よろい)ネズミ Common 16246527 Normal Monster
Armored Zombie (よろい)()(しゃ)ゾンビ Common 20277860 Normal Monster
B. Skull Dragon ブラック・デーモンズ・ドラゴン Ultra Rare/Ultra Parallel Rare Fusion Monster
Big Eye (だい)(おう)()(だま) Common 16768387 Effect Monster
Bio Plant (バイオ)・プラント Common 07670542 Normal Monster
Blast Juggler ミスター・ボンバー Common 70138455 Effect Monster
Call of Darkness (やみ)からの()(こわ) Rare 78637313 Continuous Trap Card
Change of Heart (こころ)()わり Ultra Rare/Ultra Parallel Rare 04031928 Normal Spell Card
Crow Goblin カラス(てん)() Rare 77998771 Normal Monster
Dark Rabbit ダーク・ラビット Common 99261403 Normal Monster
Dark Shade ダークシェイド Common 40196604 Normal Monster
Disk Magician ディスク・マジシャン Common 76446915 Normal Monster
Dungeon Worm ダンジョン・ワーム Rare 51228280 Normal Monster
Empress Judge (さば)きを(した)(じょ)(てい) Common 15237615 Fusion Monster
Fake Trap (にせ)(もの)のわな Normal Rare 03027001 Normal Trap Card
Feral Imp グレムリン Common 41392891 Normal Monster
Hibikime (ヒビキ)() Common 64501875 Normal Monster
Hyo (ひょう) Common 38982356 Normal Monster
Hyosube ひょうすべ Common 02118022 Normal Monster
Jinzo #7 (じん)(ぞう)(にん)(げん)(ごう) Common 32809211 Effect Monster
Kazejin (ふう)()(しん)-ヒューガ Super Rare Effect Monster
Killer Needle キラー・ビー Common 88979991 Normal Monster
Larvae Moth ラーバモス Common Effect Monster
Leghul レッグル Common 12472242 Effect Monster
Leogun レオグン Common 10538007 Normal Monster
Magical Ghost マジカル・ゴースト Common 46474915 Normal Monster
Masked Sorcerer ()(めん)()(どう)() Common 10189126 Effect Monster
Master & Expert マスター・アン・エキスパート Common 75499502 Normal Monster
Mystic Lamp ()(ほう)のランプ Common 98049915 Effect Monster
Ooguchi ラージマウス Common 58861941 Effect Monster
Pale Beast ペイルビースト Common 21263083 Normal Monster
Queen's Double (じょ)(おう)(かげ)()(しゃ) Common 05901497 Effect Monster
Rainbow Flower レインボー・フラワー Common 21347810 Effect Monster
Roaring Ocean Snake (とどろ)きの(おお)(うみ)(へび) Common 19066538 Fusion Monster
Rose Spectre of Dunn バラに()(あく)(りょう) Common 32485271 Fusion Monster
Rude Kaiser ルード・カイザー Rare 26378150 Normal Monster
Sanga of the Thunder (らい)()(しん)-サンガ Super Rare Effect Monster
Snakeyashi スネーク・パーム Common 29802344 Normal Monster
Soul Release (たましい)(かい)(ほう) Common 05758500 Normal Spell Card
Suijin (すい)()(じん)-スーガ Super Rare Effect Monster
The Cheerful Coffin (よう)()(そう)()() Ultra Rare/Ultra Parallel Rare 41142615 Normal Spell Card
The Thing That Hides in the Mud (どろ)(ひそ)()むもの Common 18180762 Normal Monster
Toad Master トードマスター Common 62671448 Normal Monster
Tribute to the Doomed ()(しゃ)への()() Ultra Rare/Ultra Parallel Rare 79759861 Normal Spell Card
Unknown Warrior of Fiend (あく)()(めい)(せん)() Common 97360116 Normal Monster
White Magical Hat 白い泥棒(ホワイト・シーフ) Common 15150365 Effect Monster
Wing Egg Elf ウィング・エッグ・エルフ Common 98582704 Normal Monster
Yaiba Robo カッター・ロボ Common 10315429 Normal Monster

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