Starter Deck 2017 là một Bộ bài Khởi đầu trong Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). Nó là bộ bài thứ hai mươi trong loạt Bộ bài Khởi dầu hàng năm của OCG, theo sau Starter Deck 2016.[1]

Nổi bật

Mở hộp

Mỗi Starter Deck 2017 bao gồm:

  • 1 Preconstructed Deck of 43 Cards
  • 1 Official Rulebook
  • 1 Double-sided Playmat/Starter Guide

Thư viện

Danh sách

Số Bài Tên Anh Tên Nhật Độ hiếm Thể loại
ST17-JP001 Bitronビットロン Normal Parallel Rare
ST17-JP002 Draconnetドラコネット Normal Parallel Rare
ST17-JP003 RAM ClouderRAM(ラム)クラウダー Super Rare
ST17-JP004 Linkslayerリンクスレイヤー Ultra Rare
ST17-JP005 Galaxy Serpentギャラクシーサーペント Common
ST17-JP006 Mystery Shell Dragon(げん)(かく)(りゅう) Common
ST17-JP007 Beast King Barbaros(しん)(じゅう)(おう)バルバロス Normal Parallel Rare
ST17-JP008 Cyber Dragonサイバー・ドラゴン Common
ST17-JP009 Photon Thrasherフォトン・スラッシャー Common
ST17-JP010 Exarion Universeイグザリオン・ユニバース Common
ST17-JP011 Evilswarm Mandragoraヴェルズ・マンドラゴ Common
ST17-JP012 Marauding Captain()()(たい)(ちょう) Common
ST17-JP013 Sanganクリッター Common
ST17-JP014 Kuribanditクリバンデット Common
ST17-JP015 Marshmallonマシュマロン Common
ST17-JP016 Cardcar Dカードカー・(ディー) Common
ST17-JP017 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunterライトロード・ハンター ライコウ Common
ST17-JP018 Battle Faderバトルフェーダー Common
ST17-JP019 Swift Scarecrow(そっ)(こう)のかかし Common
ST17-JP020 Effect Veilerエフェクト・ヴェーラー Common
ST17-JP021 Cynet Universeサイバネット・ユニバース Normal Parallel Rare
ST17-JP022 Monster Reborn()(しゃ)()(せい) Normal Parallel Rare
ST17-JP023 Dark Holeブラック・ホール Common
ST17-JP024 Mystical Space Typhoonサイクロン Common
ST17-JP025 Book of Moon(つき)(しょ) Common
ST17-JP026 Forbidden Lance(きん)じられた(せい)(そう) Common
ST17-JP027 United We Stand(だん)(けつ)(ちから) Common
ST17-JP028 Pot of Avarice(どん)(よく)(つぼ) Common
ST17-JP029 Pot of Duality(ごう)(よく)(けん)(きょ)(つぼ) Common
ST17-JP030 Burden of the Mighty(きょう)(しゃ)()(つう) Common
ST17-JP031 Supply Squad()(きゅう)()(たい) Common
ST17-JP032 Terraformingテラ・フォーミング Common
ST17-JP033 Call of the Hauntedリビングデッドの()(ごえ) Common
ST17-JP034 Mirror Force(せい)なるバリア -ミラーフォース- Normal Parallel Rare
ST17-JP035 Torrential Tribute(げき)(りゅう)(そう) Common
ST17-JP036 Ring of Destruction()(かい)(りん) Common
ST17-JP037 Bottomless Trap Hole()(らく)()とし(あな) Common
ST17-JP038 Compulsory Evacuation Device(きょう)(せい)(だっ)(しゅつ)(そう)() Common
ST17-JP039 Fiendish Chainデモンズ・チェーン Common
ST17-JP040 Dark Bribe()(きゅう)(わい)() Common
ST17-JP041 Decode Talkerデコード・トーカー Ultra Rare
ST17-JP042 Honeybotハニーボット Super Rare
ST17-JP043 Link Spiderリンク・スパイダー Super Rare

Tài liệu Tham khảo

  1. "The Organization | [OCG] Starter Deck 2017". YGOrganization. December 14, 2016. Retrieved December 14, 2016.

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