Structure Deck: Cyberse Link là một Structure Deck trong Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). Đây là Deck thứ 34 trong series OCG Structure Deck, nối tiếp Structure Deck: Pendulum Evolution.[1]

Đặc điểm

  • Chứa những lá bài được sử dụng bởi Yusaku Fujiki

Phân tích

Mỗi Structure Deck: Cyberse Link chứa:

Thư viện ảnh

Danh sách

Số Bài Tên Anh Tên Nhật Độ hiếm Thể loại
SD32-JP001 Digitron Common
SD32-JP002 Dot Scaper Common
SD32-JP003 Kleinant Normal Parallel Rare
SD32-JP004 Backlinker Normal Parallel Rare
SD32-JP005 Balancer Lord Normal Parallel Rare
SD32-JP006 ROM Cloudia Normal Parallel Rare
SD32-JP007 Boot Stagguard Normal Parallel Rare
SD32-JP008 Dual Assembloom Super Rare
SD32-JP009 Tragoedia Common
SD32-JP010 Summoner Monk Common
SD32-JP011 White Dragon Wyverburster Common
SD32-JP012 Black Dragon Collapserpent Common
SD32-JP013 Card Trooperカードガンナー Common
SD32-JP014 Debris Dragon Common
SD32-JP015 Mathematician Common
SD32-JP016 Crane Crane Common
SD32-JP017 Morphing Jarメタモルポット Common
SD32-JP018 Magician of Faith聖なる魔術師(セイント・マジシャン) Common
SD32-JP019 Treeborn Frog()()ガエル Common
SD32-JP020 Jester Confit Common
SD32-JP021 Glow-Up Bulb Common
SD32-JP022 Kinka-byo Common
SD32-JP023 Cynet Backdoor Super Rare
SD32-JP024 Soul Chargeソウル・チャージ Common
SD32-JP025 Shuffle Reborn Common
SD32-JP026 D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation Common
SD32-JP027 Gold Sarcophagus Common
SD32-JP028 Mind Control(せい)(しん)(そう)() Common
SD32-JP029 Cosmic Cycloneコズミック・サイクロン Common
SD32-JP030 Moon Mirror Shield Common
SD32-JP031 Where Arf Thou? Common
SD32-JP032 Recoded Alive Normal Parallel Rare
SD32-JP033 Miracle's Wake Common
SD32-JP034 Powerful Rebirth Common
SD32-JP035 Premature Return(はや)すぎた()(かん) Common
SD32-JP036 Swamp Mirrorer Common
SD32-JP037 Quantum Cat Common
SD32-JP038 Storming Mirror Force Common
SD32-JP039 Dimensional Barrier()(げん)(しょう)(へき) Common
SD32-JP040 Solemn Strike Common
SD32-JP041 Encode Talker Ultra Rare
SD32-JP042 Trigate Wizard Ultra Rare
SD32-JP043 Binal Sorceress Super Rare

Tham khảo

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