Structure Deck: Pendulum Evolution is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. It is the thirty-third Deck in the OCG's Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: Seto Kaiba.[1]



Each Structure Deck: Pendulum Evolution contains:



Số Bài Tên Anh Tên Nhật Độ hiếm Thể loại
SD31-JP001 Astrograph Sorcererアストログラフ・マジシャン Ultra Rare
SD31-JP002 Chronograph Sorcererクロノグラフ・マジシャン Super Rare
SD31-JP003 Double Iris Magician(こう)(さい)()(じゅつ)() Super Rare
SD31-JP004 Black Fang Magician(こく)()()(じゅつ)() Super Rare
SD31-JP005 White Wing Magician(はく)(よく)()(じゅつ)() Super Rare
SD31-JP006 Purple Poison Magician()(どく)()(じゅつ)() Super Rare
SD31-JP007 Stargazer Magician(ほし)()みの()(じゅつ)() Common
SD31-JP008 Timegazer Magician(とき)()みの()(じゅつ)() Common
SD31-JP009 Xiangke Magician(そう)(こく)()(じゅつ)() Common
SD31-JP010 Xiangsheng Magician(そう)(じょう)()(じゅつ)() Common
SD31-JP011 Timebreaker Magician(こっ)(けん)()(じゅつ)() Common
SD31-JP012 Acrobatic Magician(きょく)(げい)()(じゅつ)() Common
SD31-JP013 Dragoncaller Magician(こう)(りゅう)()(じゅつ)() Common
SD31-JP014 Wisdom-Eye Magician(けい)(がん)()(じゅつ)() Common
SD31-JP015 Dharma-Eye Magician(ほう)(がん)()(じゅつ)() Common
SD31-JP016 Tuning Magician調(ちょう)(りつ)()(じゅつ)() Common
SD31-JP017 Foucault's Cannonフーコーの()(ほう)(せき) Common
SD31-JP018 Risebell the Summoner(しょう)(かん)()ライズベルト Common
SD31-JP019 Hypnosisterヒュプノシスター Common
SD31-JP020 Archfiend Eccentrickエキセントリック・デーモン Common
SD31-JP021 Guiding Ariadne(かい)(ほう)のアリアドネ Common
SD31-JP022 Zany Zebraヨコシマウマ Common
SD31-JP023 Star Pendulumgraph(せい)(そう)のペンデュラムグラフ Common
SD31-JP024 Amazing Pendulumアメイジング・ペンデュラム Common
SD31-JP025 Wavering Eyes()れる(まな)() Common
SD31-JP026 Pot of Riches(きん)(まん)(つぼ) Common
SD31-JP027 Spell Wall魔力隔壁(マジック・ウォール) Common
SD31-JP028 Double Cycloneダブル・サイクロン Common
SD31-JP029 Chicken Gameチキンレース Common
SD31-JP030 Upstart Goblin(なり)(きん)ゴブリン Common
SD31-JP031 Miracle Synchro Fusionミラクルシンクロフュージョン Common
SD31-JP032 Time Pendulumgraph()(くう)のペンデュラムグラフ Common
SD31-JP033 Time-Space Trap Hole()(くう)()とし(あな) Common
SD31-JP034 Pendulum Rebornペンデュラム・リボーン Common
SD31-JP035 Pendulum Holeペンデュラム・ホール Common
SD31-JP036 Echo Oscillation(れん)(せい)する(しん)(どう) Common
SD31-JP037 Unwavering Bond()るがぬ(きずな) Common
SD31-JP038 Extra Buck臨時収入(エクストラバック) Common
SD31-JP039 Magician's Circleマジシャンズ・サークル Common
SD31-JP040 Solemn Scolding(かみ)(ちゅう)(こく) Common
SD31-JP041 Timestar Magician(せい)(こく)()(じゅつ)() Ultra Rare
SD31-JP042 Enlightenment Paladin覚醒の魔導剣士(エンライトメント・パラディン) Common
SD31-JP043 Supreme Arcanite Magician()()(どう)()アーカナイト・マジシャン Common


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