Sunny, known as Skye in in the English version, is the pet wolf of Ironheart and Chris. Like its owners, Skye conceals its true identity from the world.

Tiểu sử

Trận chiến ở Atlantis

In the original battle of Atlantis, Ironheart, Chris and Skye lead a group of refugees from the city to the nearby mountains. Together, they fought in a battle against Dartz. However neither side was victorious. Chris' spirit along with Ironheart and Skye's continued to live on.

Hiện tại

Like Chris and Ironheart, Skye was absorbed by the Seal of Orichalcos when she tries to help to Yami Yugi duel against one of the Orichalcos Soldier, but is later released, along with the rest of the Seal's victims.

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