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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Tập 010

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Tập 010
[[File:|link=File:|300px|Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Tập 010]] [[Screenshot::

Yusei đã bị đánh bại và bị buộc vào một tư thế nhục nhã nơi ông đang cúi xuống trên bàn tay và đầu gối, úp mặt xuống, và đít dua lên. Yusei chấp nhận đánh đòn vào mông của mình

| ]]

デッキ(ゼロ) チェーントラップのループを破れ


Dekki Zero Chēn Torappu no Rūpu wo Yabure

Dịch từ tiếng Nhật

Deck Zero, Break the Chain Trap Loop


The Lockdown Duel, Part 2

Tập phim thứ


Ngày lên sóng(Nhật)

June 4, 2008

Ngày lên sóng(Anh)

November 15, 2008

Lá bài đặc trưng

Rubble King

Nhạc phim
Nhạc đầu phim(Nhật)


Nhạc đầu phim(Anh)

Hyper Drive

Nhạc cuối phim(Nhật)


Nhạc cuối phim(Anh)

Hyper Drive

Kịch bản

Shin Yoshida[1]

Đạo diễn

Shinichi Masaki[1]

Phân cảnh

Shinichi Tokairin[1]

Đạo diễn hoạt hình

Yuji Kokai[1]

Đạo diễn hoạt hình cơ giới

Yuji Kokai[1]

Prop design

Yoshihiro Sato[1]

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"The Lockdown Duel, Part 2", known as "Deck Zero: Break the Chain Trap Loop" in the Japanese version, is the tenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. It first aired in Japan on June 4, 2008 and in the US on November 15, 2008.

[[Episode summary::Yusei Fudo continues his Duel with Mr. Armstrong, using cards given to him by inmates at the Facility. Despite Armstrong's brutal attack, Yusei refuses to abandon his friends and lose his freedom.| ]]Yusei Fudo continues his Duel with Mr. Armstrong, using cards given to him by inmates at the Facility. Despite Armstrong's brutal attack, Yusei refuses to abandon his friends and lose his freedom.



Yusei engaged in a duel with Armstrong for his and Bolt Tanner's freedom

Previously, Yusei finds himself sent to another part of the Detention Center where the prisoners are there for the bare minimum of six months and could possibly be stuck there for the rest of their lives. He discovers that Hirumo and the old man were also sent there due to being involved with Yusei. Not too long later, Himuro finds himself set up by Chief Takasu and tries to get some information about Yusei out of him. The pro duelist refuses to tell them anything ends up getting ‘tortured’, his cries of pain were heard throughout the center. When they toss him back, the chief announces that for the next year everyone’s free time will be taken away due to Himuro’s serious crime. Yusei speaks up and finds himself set up for a duel against the chief. The security takes away old man’s deck as well as Himuro’s leaving Yusei empty handed. Thanks to the other prisoners, Yusei was able to gain enough cards to take on a fight. However the duel with the chief is nothing but a set up for his own victory, placing Yusei’s life on the line.

Yusei dueling against Mr.Armstrong iron chain deck

Yusei is left gasping for breath after receiving a shock for taking damage. Armstrong laughs and says that he'll send Yusei back to his dump of a hometown, after he puts an end to his life. Yusei manages to stand up and play on. Armstrong proceeds to send cards from Yusei's Deck to his Graveyard. He points out that the cards are just trash, since he received them from other "scumbags" at the center, so he should hurry up and send them to the Graveyard. Workers at the center monitor the duel on a surveillance camera and secretly tell Armstrong the cards in Yusei's hand.
640px-Futile resistance.png

Yusei attacks with Exiled Force

For a brief moment the lights go out at the center and Yusei wonders if Alex succeeded in escaping. He wishes for Alex to escape and intends to buy him time with the duel. Yusei manages to inflict damage to Armstrong causing him to receive a shock. Yanagi accuses Armstrong of acting, but Tanner suspects something else is going on. Yusei proceeds to attack Armstrong again.

Yusei activates Nightmare Steel Cage

Armstrong pleads with him not to before receiving more shocks. Alarms are sounded stating that an intruder has been captured. Two guards then lead Alex, who is looking pleased with himself to Armstrong. They explain how Alex had tried to escape. Armstrong whispers to one of the guards to cut the current. Alex tells him that that is now impossible. Armstrong fills with rage and threatens to kill Alex when he's done with Yusei. Alex is not bothered as he rests assured that Yusei will win.
310px-Kaiba222Yu-Gi-Oh5DsEpisode9 PIC323.jpg

Iron Chain Repair Man attacks Yusei directly

Alex tells Yusei why he returned. Yusei then adds a new condition to the duel. If he wins, Armstrong must forget about what Alex has done. Armstrong says that if Yusei loses, Alex goes down with him. After Yusei is left with 100 Life Points and no cards in his Deck, Armstrong laughs that the duel is over now. Yusei tells him that thanks to him sending so many cards to his Graveyard, he's now confident he can win. Instead of leaving, Alex stays behind and manages to restore the current that has been cut off from Armstrong's Duel Disk so that Armstrong would receive the shock after taking damage and destroyed the control panel. He is captured by the guards and led to the sideline of the duel.
5Dx010 Yusei shocked.jpg

Yusei suffers mutliple electric shocks upon losing lifepoints

The duel continued with Yusei managing to evade Armstrong's cheating tactics. Although Alex managed to linking Armstrong's duel disk with the electrocution, he wasn't able to deactivate it for Yusei's duel disc. Yusei struggled to keep up with Armstrong offenses, which involves applying constant burn damage each time Yusei is forced to mill cards from his deck. In the meantime, unbeknownst to both Armstrong and Yusei, Goodwin have been observing this match from afar, and have witnessed Armstrong cheating and how he abuses his power in the facilities.

Yusei struggling to recover after suffering from repeated shocks

Armstrong proceeded to synchro summon his "Iron Chain Dragon" and destroy the remainding of Yusei's defenses.Despite surviving the attack, Yusei continues to lose more cards from his deck and is left with only 100 life points caused after losing points through burn damages. . Suffering from the repeated electrical shocks, Yusei falls onto his hands and knees. Armstrong urges Yusei to forfeit since he now only have one card left in his deck, and practically no resources left. Yusei slowly recovers, and ensures Armstrong that he is the one to win the match. Furthermore, Armstrong previously called the cards trash, but now Yusei will prove that everyone is needed.

Yusei đã bị đánh bại và bị buộc vào một tư thế nhục nhã nơi ông đang cúi xuống trên bàn tay và đầu gối, úp mặt xuống, và đít đẩy lên.

Yusei then draws his last card, which led to Armstrong laughing that Yusei's fate in being locked in solitary is inevitable. Yusei then Summons "Rubble King" and uses his effect to play "Blasting the Ruins", winning the Duel. Yusei commented on the fact that Armstrong ridiculed the cards of the inmates being trash, yet it was thanks to those cards that "Rubble King" was able to activate its effect.

Alex, and Yanagi stand before Yusei to wish him well before he leaves. Alex tells Yusei that judging by Goodwin showing up like that, he must be concerned about Yusei. Yanagi gives Yusei his "Totem Pole" card. Yusei seems unsure about taking it knowing its importance to Yanagi, but Yanagi insists that Yusei will make good use out of it. Tanner gives Yusei a card as well: his Giant Ushi Oni. He says that it can help him retrieve his Duel Runner, which is locked in the impound center. Tanner tells Yusei to take the card to a store named Bootleg, order some milk, and ask for a man named Blister, who will help Yusei out. In the Japanese version, Tanner gives him the card and tells him there is a man named Saiga (Blister) in a bar called Bootleg. He will lend Yusei a hand if Yusei shows him the card.

5D's ep 10 Goodbyes.png

Yusei bid farewell to his friends before leaving the facilities

Armstrong demands the guards to seize Yusei claiming not to remember making any promises with them. Rex Goodwin then appears and tells Armstrong that that Duel has proved he is incapable of keeping things under control and he shall be the one leaving. In the English dub Armstrong is fired for abusing his position. Alex says, "Forgive me, Yusei," before he climbs into the tunnel he's dug under his mattress. He reaches the well hole, where his friends are waiting to rescue him. He begins to get excited about leaving, but remembers what Yusei said, that if he left without his friends, it wouldn't be true freedom.

At Security head quarters Lazar asks Goodwin if it was alright to let Yusei roam free as he pleases. Goodwin replies that while Yusei is there he cannot awaken the power of the Signer and besides he didn't tell him he could roam as he pleases; he has set up an elite task force to monitor him, so all they have to do is watch and wait.

As Yusei leaves the center, Trudge watches him on his Runner and takes off his helmet, revealing a scar. He says that Yusei had better hope Goodwin's task force finds him before he does.


  • Takasu nosehair.png

    Armstrong blowing his nose hair at Yusei in an attempt to taunt and provoke

    Several clips that involve Mr.Armstrong picking his nose or removing out his nose hair were removed in several different international version of this episode.
  • During the episode, there was a shot of every cards currently in Yusei's graveyard. Fans were confuse was to why Yusei decides to summon "The Kick Man" instead of "Tri-horned Dragon". Even with the "Axe of Despair", "The Kick Man" would still have less ATK.
  • There were several errors that involve the life point meter in this episode. at one When Yusei loses life points after the attack by Iron Chain Dragon, when Yusei's numerical Life Points were dropping, but his Life Point meter didn't drop.
  • Yuseilifepoints 2.png

    An error in the lifepoint meter was coincidentally made convincing with Yusei assuming humiliating pose where he is bent-over on his hands and knees, with his butt protruding upward.

    In the earlier Japanese version of this episode, when Yusei's life points were reduced to 100 due to "Paralyzing Chains," Yusei's life point meter appeared and showed his life points dropping from 400 to 0 despite him losing only 300 life points. This meter showing Yusei with zero life points was only visible for a mere split second, before moving to a different shot. When Yusei's life points were shown a bit later, it was the corrected "100 LP". This scene was somewhat shown during the preview of this episode. However, in that clip, the life point meter did not appear at all.
  • In the dub, while Armstrong explains the effect of his Poison Chain, he mentions that he controls 2 Level 5 monsters. Clearly his current field does not match up with what he says, but the result would still be the same.
  • In the dub, after Armstrong Normal Summons "Iron Chain Blaster" and the view pans out to show his side of the field, the dub briefly shows the original Japanese "Paralyzing Chain" card before quickly changing it to the dub version.

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